Ukraine Markets Daily (March 12, 2018)

Market news

  • MHP is to refinance its 2020 Eurobonds with the new issue

Market comment

The UX index remained unchanged on Friday as well as the PFTS index due to holidays. The WIG-Ukraine index increased by 0.6%. On the interbank exchange market, the UAH/USD remained unchanged too at UAH 26.10 (mid price), according to Thomson Reuters. The official exchange rate reported by the NBU was UAH 26.35.


MHP is to refinance its 2020 Eurobonds with the new issue

According to the announcement published on the London Stock Exchange’s website, on March 9, 2018, MHP launched an invitation to the holders of its USD 750 mn 8.25% Notes due April 2, 2020, to tender for purchase for cash any and all of the USD 496 mn aggregate principal amount of Notes outstanding. The company is ready to buy out at least USD 248 mn of Notes outstanding. Early Tender participants (deadline is on March 21, 2018) can get USD 1,095 for every USD 1,000 of principal, while other tender offer participants (expiration date is on April 6, 2018) can get USD 1,065 for every USD 1,000 of principal. In addition, all tender participants will get an accrued interest. The redeemed portion of Notes will be refinanced by the new issue, which is most likely to have an 8 to 10-years maturity and the yield 50-100 bps less than Ukraine’s sovereign bonds have.

Our view:

Significant improvement of MHP’s financial and operating results since 2015 and absence of problems with debt servicing are proving the Company’s growth potential and its reliability as a debtor. Considering this and the activation of Ukraine and Ukrainian entities on the international debt markets during the last year, it is a favorable period of time for MHP to refinance its outstanding 2020 Notes with the new issue which will positively influence the Company’s debt portfolio as it will have a larger maturity and will be cheaper in servicing.