Empire State Capital Partners won an award at the annual Cbonds Awards CIS ceremony

Cbonds Awards CIS-2016 ceremony was held within the XIII Bond congress of CIS and Baltic states in Tbilisi. Empire State Capital Partners was nominated for Cbonds Awards CIS-2016 in the category “Best Financial Markets research in Ukraine” and reached the third place.


“It is really an honor for our research team to receive this award, and we would like to thank the Cbonds Company and the investment community for their attention to our work. We expect to make much more in the future to promote the investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian market and economy, assisting investors in their endeavors in Ukraine, while actively interacting with our peers” – Tantely Ratovohery,  Senior Analyst, Empire State Capital Partners.

Cbonds Awards CIS is held annually to award the debt market participants. The winners are selected by online vote.

Original text: http://ua.cbonds.info/news/item/834923