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Our values guide ESCP in our interaction with clients as well as market participants. We consistently measure ourselves against these values to ensure that not only do we believe in them, but that we always apply them.


Our motto: “Clients always first”


This is one of the key core values of ESCP; we ensure that negotiations, pricing and execution of capital markets transactions are transparent in a manner that our clients fully understand the benefit of ESCP’s recommendations and approach.


ESCP professionals possess a background of dealing with emerging markets crises and difficult situations. This background often enables us to develop creative approaches to dealing with obstacles. Our clients can trust that ESCP will utilize this creativity to find acceptable, market driven solutions for their benefit.


ESCP is a truly private investment firm owned by its Partners and employees.  We are accountable to our clients, to whom we promise our advice will be independent and in their best interest. We believe the only way to ensure that our clients come back to us is to provide a excellent service, adhering to our key values.


ESCP is a firm of highly experienced international and local capital markets professionals. Our partners have over 50 years of combined experience in capital markets across different geographies. To serve our clients, ESCP utilizes every possible resource to ensure we provide best-in-class service.